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Siremix’s unique 3D Sound products bring to the world revolutionary sound technologies. We give you unbelievable hi-end sound quality and truly immersive sound experiences. You will be like teleported in VR-style, to be part of a movie, video game, concert experiences you never had in your life. Thanks to the patented Endpoint Mixing (E.M.) technology, a fundamentally new approach to generate sound. After years of research and development, we offer you ultimate sound solution that may surpass all the existing sound systems in the world.

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Living Delightful Freedom

This incredible technology enhances sound sources through our E.M. algorithm adding something called Z-Axis Rendering, traditional stereo and surround sound become more realistic, lively, immersive and up-lifting to much higher sound quality and fantastic entertainment for you to enjoy in your everyday life. Anytime, anywhere, stay home, at work or anywhere else you like without limitations.

Revolutionary Features


It provides 5 to 20 times increase in sound quality, depends on the configuration. This is huge advantage for everyone! People listened are thrilled. That means you get pro-audio top-tier sound and home cinema sound much better than cinema with just the cost of entry-level Hi-Fi.

4th Dimension

Z-Axis Rendering (ZAR) 3D Sound gives you ultimate immersive sound experiences like being teleported in VR-style. Gives VR users true 3D Sound, eliminate sound related motion sickness. This also makes movie and video game experiences much realistic.


Enhanced surround effect blended with immersive sound which only requires frontal speakers setup. Simple configuration great home theater. This also gives precise direction and distance intel for pro-gamers.

Siremix's Unique High Fidelity Immersive Sound Gives You Ultra High Fidelity and True Reality Entertainment Experiences

What Customer Says

"If you miss a sport event or a concert you can always get the same experience at another time with Endpoint Mixing, this is extraordinary!!"
Olusola Osinoiki
Senior Director - Global Op, UK
"I can hear bullets coming from every direction with clear distance cue, this helps me to response faster and more proactively while I'm in the battlefield."
John Cheung
Gamer, Germany
"The sound is like you are situated in the midst of magnificent Swiss mountains as well as attending a wonderful live orchestra concert."
Alain Angeloz
Former Police Officer, Switzerland


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