Exciting New Sound Experiences And Up To Four Times Sound Quality Increase Compare To Stereo

Unprecedented Immersive Sound Experiences

Gateway To A Brave New World

Our patented 3D Sound technology – Endpoint Mixing – gives you immersive sound experiences you never had in your life, everything sounds so clear and realistic like you are being teleported to another world. 
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Up to Four times Sound Quality Enhancement

Endpoint Mixing delivers up to four times better sound quality compared to stereo sound, surpassed even the most advanced stereo sound products on the market. It means fantastic entertainment to enjoy everyday and stay home without limitations.

Revolutionary Features

3D Immersion

3D means immersion. Using four speakers in front of the audience the algorithm adds sound span between front and back end, together with the regular stereo left and right signal it constructs a full 3D sound space, like a hologram of sound.

4x Sound Quality

Based on the 3D design, the natural tone, clarity, precision and details are reproduced more accurately. Our test shows the 3D system is able to raise stereo sound quality as much as four times, this also means the better speaker you use with E.M. the more saving you get, our cost saving estimate is up to 20 times. It means you get a pro-audio top-tier sound system with just the cost of entry-level Hi-Fi.


No special movie audio track, no computer file format conversion, just install a software and it rocks! The algorithm performs real-time processing and converts stereo into E.M. format, all your PC entertainment will output in 2.2.1 format for four speakers and one subwoofer placed in front of you. We support any 5.1/7.1 sound card and all sorts of regular amplifiers and 2.0/2.1/5.1 speaker systems.

Siremix's Unique High Fidelity Immersive Sound Gives You Ultra High Fidelity and True Reality Entertainment Experiences

What Customer Says

"If you miss a sport event or a concert you can always get the same experience at another time with Endpoint Mixing, this is extraordinary!!"
Olusola Osinoiki
Senior Director - Global Op, UK
"I can hear bullets coming from every direction with clear distance cue, this helps me to response faster and more proactively while I'm in the battlefield."
John Cheung
Gamer, Germany
"The sound is like you are situated in the midst of magnificent Swiss mountains as well as attending a wonderful live orchestra concert."
Alain Angeloz
Former Police Officer, Switzerland


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